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Yaritza Vega Adults Entertainment

Dominican-Spanish male to female transsexual

Why adults entertainment? Because I provide escort services taking some money on exchange of my companion and do erotic massages, exercises and sexdate to make my customers leave my place as happier as possible. I work on my own as a freelance escort and nobody force me to do what I love, enjoy and give the best of me to other people: men, women, transsexuals, transgenders, transvestites, no sexual, queers and all sort of identities we can have in the huge LGBTI community and worldwide outside the crowd because I'm pansexual.

Yaritza Vega is one of the softest person you can ever meet. I can bit a little spicy and aggressive, but my nature is sweet as a candy. 



Who is Yaritza Vega?

I was born in the beautiful Caribbean country of the Dominican Republic, in northern island, San Francisco de Macorís. 

I am half Spanish from father and half Dominican from mother. I grew up in Spain and I have lived in Bologna and Udine in Italy till I established my home inn Switzerland in 2012, first in Ticino (Lugano) and finally Zurich. 

I am a qualified professional as an escort. I like doing my job stressless and well.

Contact me for whatever doubt you have about me. 


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From Monday till Monday, it is 24/7 I am available for SERIOUS customers previous appointment by call an hour before, at least. 

Take a look on my tour page to be updated about my next trips. 

Enjoy of Yaritza Vega!


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